A Contractor Who Takes Insurance!

Yes, We'll Work Directly with Your Insurance Adjuster

First, you sign a contract agreeing to use Quality Built Exteriors for the whole job. This benefits you because you only have to deal with one home repair contractor, instead of trying to coordinate multiple companies for the roof, the siding, the gutters, etc, from when that tree fell on your house.

Then, you notify your insurance company that we are your "contractor of choice." In Virginia, once you make this determination, your insurance company is required to use us, rather than going through a bidding process (to find the cheapest guy instead of the best).

We will coordinate with your adjuster throughout the process. Be aware that repairs often take longer when working through insurance, as we have no control over when they remit payment or respond to our queries.

BONUS: Many insurance companies already have us listed as a preferred contractor. This is because we have a proven record of reliability and quality in Hampton Roads home repairs, so companies like USAA are happy to work with us.

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