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Protecting Your Trim: How to Avoid a Bad Wrap

By Melissa James, The Exterior Enthusiast | July 23, 2018

In a humid climate like Hampton Roads, vinyl trim wrap is an ideal way to avoid peeling paint and rotting wood around your home’s exterior. Wrapping your trim, soffit, fascia and friezes means a virtually maintenance-free solution to an ongoing cost most Hampton Roads…

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Before You Replace Your Vinyl Siding, Ask These Questions

By Melissa James, The Exterior Enthusiast | June 11, 2018

Ready to give your house a face-lift? For many homeowners in Hampton Roads, vinyl siding replacement is an instant makeover that’s as practical as it is beautiful. Today’s vinyl siding has so many styles and colors, the possibilities are endless. But unlike a fresh coa…

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8 Ideas To Spice Up Your Front Door

By Melissa James, The Exterior Enthusiast | May 11, 2018

Whether your architectural style is formal, rustic, craftsman or contemporary, if your front door looks shabby, it degrades your entire curb appeal. From DIY to professional, here are some ideas that will be your doorway to a better-looking home front.

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Top 10 Mistakes Tidewater Homeowners Make

By Melissa James, The Exterior Enthusiast | April 2, 2018

After more than 20 years improving home exteriors across Hampton Roads, Quality Built Exteriors has seen it all. I asked owner Mike Reedy about the most common mistakes he’s encountered from customers—so you can avoid these same missteps.
1. Waiting until a problem hits

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Which Is the Best Home Investment: Indoor or Outdoor?

By Melissa James, The Exterior Enthusiast | March 2, 2018

My financial planner sends periodic emails with advice on investing and using money wisely. Her most recent one happened to be on my favorite topic—home improvement! The article from Northwestern Mutual examined a new report comparing the average cost of 20 popular hom…

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On the Fence? Benefits of Vinyl v. Wood

By Melissa James, The Exterior Enthusiast | February 9, 2018

Good fences make more than good neighbors—they make good sense! From keeping pets and toddlers in, to keeping stray animals and prowlers out, installing a backyard fence is a lifestyle investment. While chain-link and split-rail are the cheapest options, vinyl and wood…

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Hurricane Proofing Roof Services

Yes, Virginia, You Can Replace Your Roof in Winter

By Melissa James, The Exterior Enthusiast | January 18, 2018

I understand your initial hesitation, but hear me out. It seems crazy to think about pulling apart the literal roof over your head during the coldest months of the year. But this is Tidewater Virginia, not North Dakota.
Most roofing materials can be installed as long a…

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10 Lively Home Improvements for the Dead of Winter

By Melissa James, The Exterior Enthusiast | January 8, 2018

The trees are bare, the holiday decorations are back in storage, and the grass has faded to a depressing yellow. No wonder we call it the “dead of winter”—and for many homeowners, this is the time of year when curb appeal seems like a hopeless cause.
But you don’t have…

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