7 Reasons to Get Gutter Guards


A few months ago, my friend told me that water was “leaking out of the siding” in her house. She made a panicked call to a plumber, concerned a pipe had burst inside the walls. As it turned out, the problem was her gutters. She had gone too long without getting them cleaned out, and they were so jammed full of leaves and sticks that water was continually trickling out of them—even days after a rain shower. While she was shelling out for a gutter cleaning company, I politely mentioned she might do better next time to call a gutter guard installer.

As homeowners, we use filters in all sorts of places. Over air return vents. Inside the faucets. In front of the windows. But it’s amazing how many people don’t consider their gutters to be just as vulnerable an area. Gutters are supposed to channel water—and only water. If you let a bunch of other debris fall in, you’ll end up with some ugly and potentially costly results. That’s why gutter guards should be commonplace. Here in Hampton Roads, gutter guards are especially important. We have a lot of trees and a lot of rainfall!

Also known as leaf shields or leaf guards, gutter guards block debris from entering your gutter while filtering water away from the roof. Beyond that simple explanation, here are seven reasons why you need to get gutter guards.

1. Immediate Solution

As soon as the gutter guards are in place, your problem is gone. Best of all, it takes Quality Built Exteriors only about half a day for to install them.

2. Roof Damage

When water backs up in a clogged gutter, roof damage can occur. It’s especially problematic when you’re dealing with snow and ice. A small investment in gutter guards now means avoiding costly roof repairs or replacement later.

3. Protect Your Landscaping

Clogged gutters are almost as bad as having no gutters at all. Just as a home without gutters, clogs will make rainwater spill over the roof line and wash away mulch, break plants, discourage grass growth, and create craters in your yard.

4. Year-Round Defense

Since fall is officially here, Tidewater Virginia gutters will soon begin filling with oak, birch, elm and maple leaves—to be followed by pine needles and sweet gum balls! But fall isn’t the only time gutter guards will save the day. Spring will bring seed pods, flower petals and the finale of gum balls. And in between, snow and ice can wreak havoc on clogged gutters.

5. Avoid Fires

Did you know gutters are a top source of house fires? When dry leaves and sticks pile up in an uncovered gutter, it makes perfect kindling. All it takes is someone’s cigarette or bonfire embers to catch on a breeze. Gutter guards

6. Make Your Gutters Last

Clogged gutters eventually mean broken gutters. In many cases, the gutter becomes so heavy with debris (especially when it’s frozen debris!), the gutter can pull away from your house—taking part of your trim, siding or shingles with it.

7. Keep Away the Critters

Clogged gutters might look awful to us, but they look GREAT to birds, squirrels and other creatures who are happy to make a home there. Even empty gutters, when left uncovered, can quickly become home to a bird’s nest gutters—and now you have a clog to water flow.

Why Use Quality Built Exteriors for Gutter Guards?

  • They use a strong-gauge aluminum that never rusts and basically lasts forever.
  • Their perforated metal gutter guards have the best track record. Some companies use foam (which animals like to nest tin) or screens (which can rip) or plastic shields (which can warp in the sun).
  • Quality Built has never heard back from a customer saying their gutter guards clogged!
  • Their gutter guards are specially designed to handle pine needles.
  • Quality Built uses a proven method of attaching gutter guards securely, so they won’t blow off in strong wind (but debris that lands on top will slip off nicely!)

Yes, it will cost you around $1000 to $3000 (depending how many gutters you have) to get gutter guards. But add up twice-a-year professional gutter cleanings, plus the damage caused by clogs, and you come out ahead by getting the protection. And for those of you who attempt to clean the gutters yourself, one fall from the ladder can mean medical bills many times higher than the cost of gutter guards.

Gutter guards are not perfect, of course. Occasionally tiny seeds and twigs will get in, so you will still need to maintain your gutters with a cleaning every couple of years. But that certainly beats twice-a-year cleanouts and the problems that can arise in between. Since the pros outweigh the cons, call the pros: Quality Built Exteriors. They’ll give you a free consultation!

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Melissa James, The Exterior Enthusiast

Melissa James, The Exterior Enthusiast

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